First in the Forest Program

First in the Forest Program

The First in the Forest Program is intended to serve as a resource for all undergraduate students who are first in their families to attend an American college or university. Through this program, first generation college students will be invited to attend a pre-orientation program, monthly workshops, seminars, events, and service opportunities.

Vision First in the Forest’s vision is to foster a nurturing environment for first-generation student growth and development.

Mission First in the Forest’s mission is to empower first-generation students and advocate for student success by providing holistic developmental programing and building strong campus & community support systems.


  • Provide programming and events that promote academic, personal, and career development.
  • Advocate for first-generation student needs and empower students to reach their goals.
  • Build social capital and a sense of belonging for first-generation students at Wake Forest University.
  • Facilitate connections to faculty, peers, and professional staff who can provide direct support for individual student interests and goals.
  • Utilize a strengths-based mentoring approach in guiding first-generation students to engage in high impact practices (internships, study abroad, service-learning, undergraduate research).

First in the Forest Advisor
Courtney Morris is the First in the Forest Advisor for the Scholars Office. Courtney provides programming, events, and supplemental coaching to all first-generation students on campus!

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Phone: 336-758-5127
Office: A5 Tribble Hall