About Us

Students at Camel City BBQ with Dr. French
Students at Camel City BBQ with Dr. French – Fall 2017

 What does “first-generation” mean?

We define a first-generation college student as someone whose parents did not attend or graduate from an American college or university, regardless of siblings or other relatives.

Who do we serve?

In addition to students who meet the definition above, some students in our program have parents who went to college in other countries or as adults in non-traditional programs. We’re happy to be a resource to you if you self select as being first-gen or having similar needs!

What do we do?

We invite first-gen students to take part in many opportunities, meetings, and events, and to get to know their fellow first-generation classmates. First-gen students are encouraged to meet with First in the Forest staff to discuss any unprecedented matters ranging from how to talk to your professors about an important issue, to financial barriers or obstacles. Check out our Programs tab to see all we offer!

Why do we do it?

We believe that every student should have the best experience possible while at Wake Forest University, regardless of status or background. Being First in the Forest is something uniquely special; no one should feel like they are going through college alone.